The Making of Diligence Virtual Office Services

I have been in the Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll profession since 2005 and it became apparent whilst doing this that some of my clients were literally working themselves into the ground.  My clients had no work life balance, they were worrying about getting everything done to the standard that they wanted and what customers would expect. 

It was at this time that I thought I could help as I could understand what they were going through.  I already had a great relationship with these clients so decided to set up Diligence Virtual Office Services which enabled me to offer other services to ease their strain.  

Our first service was Call Answering/Reception Service and we realised that this service freed up much more time for our clients.  We went the extra mile as we also took sales quotations so that our clients only had to prepare the quote.  We also personalised each call to each company as they all had individual requirements and needs.  Also some clients didnt have time to speak to contractors who were looking for work, so we took their details and put them in a mutual area for the client to refer to when they required these resources.

Our services allowed our clients to expand their businesses however, this expansion created another problem for them.  Their workload increased once more, but still not enough to take on employees and certainly not enough to set up premises etc.  This is when I decided to offer more services such as PA and secretarial duties.  My clients found this beneficial as this allowed them to prioritise their time more efficiently.

Since then we have recruited more staff so that we can offer our new Mailbox/Address Service.  This was requested by another client as they worked away most of the time. 

I now have the capacity and support to provide many more services, which can be found on the Services page. 

So this is where we are today, we want to help free up your quality time and do the work that you just don’t have time to do.

Contact us and lets see what we can do for you.

Why Choose Us?


Because a virtual office requires no physical space, it is cheaper than a traditional office due to the lack of overhead, gone are the costs of renting or buying a building, maintaining it and providing furniture and services for onsite employees and customers.


Free up your time to do what you do best, and let it be known that everything else is happening smoothly in the background. We spend time getting to understand your business so we can act as part of your team.


We understand how important communication is. Regardless of the services that you use with us, we will always have a clear and defined method of communication with you in whichever way you prefer.


Unlike our competitors, we offer longer opening hours which means you get to use the extra time as you please, eat your tea in peace, or catch up on all those items on your to-do-list.


What Our Clients Say


"I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Diligence! You may wonder what need a makeup artist has for the services at Diligence however, without them my business wouldn’t have grown to the extent to which it has. While I am busy doing makeovers or travelling to clients, I have peace of mind knowing that Diligence will take care of any calls, emails, enquiries and bookings that may arise in my absence from the studio. I have my own receptionist without forking out a huge amount! If you think their services are only applicable to ‘professional/office’ based companies then you are sorely mistaken. I am very impressed at how quickly the staff became accustomed to my services, prices and so on. I don’t have to worry about deliveries being missed either which is a huge relief. I can honestly say, Diligence has become my virtual PA! Whether it's something as small as photocopying or printing something, to having them take over your payroll or bookkeeping; if you have a problem, they have a solution! No matter how small it may seem, give them a call because they will be able to help! Thank you!"

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