Call Answering / Reception Service

What is it:

Diligence Virtual Office Services provide you with your very own telephone number, you can either give this number to your customers or forward your existing number to us.

How it works:

When your call divert is on, your calls come through to us.

  • We answer your calls in your company name as if we were your employees

  • We take your messages for you and relay them back to you in the format that you prefer (e.g. text, email or answer message)

  • We provide customer answers based on your feedback (see below for example)

  • The details from the call are logged on an internal electronic form, which is filled in whilst on the call, the information from the call is then relayed back to you in the format that you require and at the time suitable for you.

An example call:

Diligence – Good Morning ABC Construction, how may I help you

Caller – Is Mr Smith there please

Diligence – Mr Smith is out of the office at the moment and should return late this afternoon, may I take a message to forward on for you

Caller – I would like some more information on the Jackson contract.

Diligence – Certainly I will make a note and forward this accordingly.

Benefits about this service:

  • Your company looks bigger and more professional

  • You are able to offer your customers a more personal service.

  • Your customers and potential customers receive a voice at the end of the line as opposed to an answer machine

  • You never miss a potential sales call again.

How much does it cost:

There is a weekly charge for having the service set up which includes your very own dedicated telephone line.

£5.00 weekly charge for having service provided, this includes the charge of your very own telephone line dedicated to your company.
£0.50 pence per minute (our average calls are 2 minutes)

We can be as flexible as you require us to be, below is a list of the types of things we do for our clients where they have the call answering service.

  • Estate Agents – Answer calls then, advise on the zoopla or right moves advertisement / advise on bonds, sales prices etc on homes / dairy management as we arrange viewings / call for feedback when there have been a viewing.  We also answer emails and call back people who have been looking into the houses.

  • E-commerce websites – We take orders over the phone, chase orders from suppliers, go over product details with callers, advise on delivery timescales

  • Research companies – we take name and number and a brief message

  • Accountancy Quotations – we ask all questions to enable to accountant to prepare a quotation for the potential client

  • Flooring Company – we ask about the flooring type and can go into a few different types, we then ask for the address, a convenient time to measure and the approx sizes of the flooring project.

  • Beauty studio – we book treatments, arrange call backs, manage the diary

  • plumbers/ joiners – we take calls all day and advise that they will be called back at a certain time of the day

  • maintenance companies – we have a form that we created where certain questions are asked in relation to maintenance tasks that tenants have

We can literally take your calls and request details that you want, we can be as invoiced as much or as little as you require.