Mail Box / Address Service

What is it:

Diligence Virtual Office Services provide you with a prestigious High Street address to use as your own business address.

How it works:

Put our address on your stationary instead of using you own home address.  You may also want to use our address and an additional address in another location.  There are a few options to choose from here:

  1. Mail Forwarding – your mail is sent to our address, we sort it and forward it to you on the same day.

  2. Mail Pick-up – your mail is sent to our address, we email/text you to let you know you have mail and await for you to collect.

  3. Courier and signed-for deliveries – if you are out and about and have deliveries* we can sign for them for you.  We email/text you on arrival and you collect.

  4. Mail Organisation – we can manage your mail for you, we open it, scan it, then email it to you on the day of delivery.

  5. PO BOX – we can provide you with a professional PO BOX address, which is delivered to ourselves weekly from Royal Mail.

Benefits about this service:

  • Your company looks bigger and more professional.

  • You are not waiting around for deliveries all day when you can be working.

  • We extend opening hours so that you get your delivery when it is convenient for you (available on request)

How much does it cost:

Use our professional high street address for your mail/website/letterheads.

Address – Free if you use one of the following services:

Mailbox Pick-Up – £15 per month
Mailbox Forwarding – £25 per month (based on 20 items per month, includes postage)
Virtual Mailbox – £35 per month

PO BOX Address – £40 per month

Courier and signed-for deliveries – £2.50 per delivery

* we cannot accept deliveries for the construction, such as large items of concrete etc, we do not have the holding facility to do so.  We can however accept small delivery packages and post that requires a signature on your behalf.  Please contact the office for more information.