What is it:

Diligence Virtual Office Services offer many types of Payroll Services including the preparation of CIS Statements.  This is completed through our Parent company A E Scott & Co Limited

How it works:

Email us on a weekly, Fortnightly or monthly basis.  We prepare your wages and email you the payslips with employee payment summary ready for you to make your payments.

We work on Construction Industry Payments.  Just send us your CIS details and invoices and we do the rest.

We submit nil returns for those who are an employee of a company but do not pay tax or national insurance.

We then advise you how much you need to send through to HMRC for your PAYE each month

We are fully RTI compliant.

Benefits about this service:

  • You dont need to manually calculate your wages.

  • You get piece of mind know that your wages and or CIS are completed in a timely manner and at a very competitive cost.

  • You get to free up your time to focus on your business

  • You can rely on our experienced staff to work on your payroll

How much does it cost:

We have a different pricing structure depending on the size of your company.

Process Period               First Employee          Each Additional Employee

​Weekly                              £4.00                          £1.20

Fortnightly                       £5.50                           £1.50

4 Weekly                          £7.50                           £1.50

Monthly                            £7.50                           £1.50

CIS Charges

​£2 per subcontractor per month.

NIL Returns

​FREE if we do your accounts or 50p per monthly return.