GDPR compliant shredding service

What it is: 

Diligence Virtual Office Services now provides a GDPR compliant shredding service.

The new GDPR legislation that was implemented in 2018, shredding will play an even more important part in Business life. Due to this, standard office shredders are not always sufficient to ensure that documents are destroyed completely, this is where we come in!

How it works:

We will have a secure box where you will drop all your sensitive documents in, and a company will come bi-monthly to collect the documents to be shredded. No members of staff at Diligence Virtual Office Services will have access to your documents which makes it secure. We will ensure all confidential documents are disposed of properly and inaccessible to third parties so that your confidential information is unrecoverable.

Benefits of this service: 

  • Your company will be GDPR compliant which is important
  • Shredding protects the reputation of your brand, your intellectual property and your sensitive commercial information.

How much does it cost: 

£5.00 a month for 500 sheets

£7.00 a month for 1000 sheets

£10.00 a month for 1500 sheets